Live Catch Mouse Traps

These humane mouse traps are brilliant to use around pets and children. No poison, no snap traps (which can decapitate mouse heads) and it's just as easy to release a live mouse as it is to dispose of a dead one.

Try baiting them with a slice of Snickers bar, or the old favorite, peanut butter. In hot weather, mice are attracted to water so you could also try putting down a jelly jar lid with water. This has worked for me in the past. If the mice won't go in at first, then try leaving the lid open at first until they get used to eating the bait, then close the lid. If the trap has a transperent cover then put a piece of card over it to shut out the light. 

Once you have got the better of your tiny adversaries, it is good to prevent them from coming in again, so try some repellent, I did try the sonic plug in ones but when I saw a mouse nibbling some crumbs about two feet away from the unit I tried the sprays. But the best prevention method of all was scattering cotton balls soaked in 100% pure peppermint oil under the cupboards and around any suspicious possible entry point.